“It’s not that I’m getting old, it’s that your music sucks.”  I’m sure you have all seen that meme.  Well now there may be some truth to that, statistically.  For the first time ever catalog albums (industry term for anything over 18 months old) are outselling new releases.  The vinyl resurgence has a big part to do with that.  So thanks hipsters?  According to an online article on the verge.com, “Add in the revival of vinyl records to that — 12 million units were sold in the format, with records from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Miles Davis making up three of the five best-selling vinyl albums — and catalog albums had the juice to top new releases, despite Adele selling 7.4 million units of 25 in 2015. (And if you’re thinking older people are carrying the vinyl revolution, think again; Taylor Swift’s 1989 was the second biggest vinyl album of 2015.)”

Boom!  So there you have it people.  Everything old is new again.  Check out the graphs below for more information.






So by now you are are familiar with the resurgence of analog.  Tapes, vinyl, etc are back big time.  For the true heads they never went anywhere.  You may have a killer tape or vinyl collection, but some say the king of analog nerdiness is reel-to-reel players. I’m sure some kids reading this have no idea what that is.  Well check out the picture above.  The Austrian audiophile company Horch House plans on releasing a, “Brand new consumer reel-to reel- machine. ”  So in your face digital mediums analog just keeps on coming.  Click here to read the whole article and to keep up with the project.

It’s been a rough couple days for music lovers.  Lemmy from Motorhead, Otis Clay, Clarence Reid aka Blowfly, Glenn Frey, etc. And of course the death of David Bowie.  The word icon is thrown around a lot, but David Bowie was definitely the definition of an icon.  You’re an icon when you get your own constellation consisting of 7 stars that shine in the shape of a lightning bolt.



We came across a November 2013 article from Vanity Fair where he picks 25 of his favorite albums from his personal collection of 2,500 LPs.  It’s fantastic for any Bowie fan or music lover period.  What do some of your favorite artists listen to and dig for? In Bowies own words:

“There is really no way to do a list of my favorite albums with any rationality. I do only have about 2,500 vinyls. There is a possibility there. I’ll look through the albums and pull together a list of those I have re-bought or am in the process of re-buying on CD. I have little time, and there are just too many to sort through. So, I’ll keep pulling stuff out blindly, and if it’s too obvious (Sgt. Pepper, Nirvana) I’ll put it back again till I find something more interesting.  If you can possibly get your hands on any of these, I guarantee you evenings of listening pleasure, and you will encourage a new high-minded circle of friends, although one or two choices will lead some of your old pals to think you completely barmy. So, without chronology, genre, or reason, herewith, in no particular order, 25 albums that could change your reputation.”


There are some great artists like The Last Poets, The Velvet Underground, John Lee Hooker, Toots & the Maytals, etc.  Very eclectic.  He also tells a little story of each record and where he got it.  That’s the beauty of vinyl.  You go back in time and remember where you got the record.  Click here for the whole article.



KRS-One.  Rakim.  Two of the greatest MCs EVER.  Period.  If you have never heard of them stop reading this right now and educate yourself.  Seriously.  GO!  But since you are reading this you’re a true head.  And since you are a true head you will appreciate the video below.  It’s the blast master interviewing the God about the evolution of his rhyme style.  You’re welcome.


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Technic 1200 turntables.  The gold standard.  The legend.  The shit.  Back in 2010 when Panasonic announced they would be discontinuing production of these legendary turntables there was a lot of talk among the DJ community.  It couldn’t be true!  It’s a marketing tactic.  Well it turns out the latter may have been correct.  Technics are coming back son!  It’s on their official website so no bullshit, they are coming back.  According to an article on djworx.com,

“So according to the lead engineer on the new 1200 from Technics Japan, the only difference to the base is the top metal layer, making it 4 layers instead of the former 3. The motor is coreless, which is better for speed stability as it is said to eliminate any cogging effect. It is a 9 pole motor instead of 12 pole. The arm is still stainless steel bearings, but the machining process has been improved to reduce friction. Same arm geometry. The pitch control is now fully digital, but the engineer could not tell me the gradient. The platter is now 40 pounds because if the brass layer. Another thing to help with speed stability. Removable RCA cables on this, and a 78rpm function like the MK4. The chief engineer claims that the table is a full rebuild with much less in common than the former models than ever before. There are torque and break adjustments under the platter, and a USB port for service purposes. So there goes your home servicing, it looks like.  The limited edition model will sell for $4000 MSRP, and when that is done, the non limited model will *also* be 4000.”

Yeah you read the right.  4.  T H O U S A N D. D O L L A R S.  For the limited edition and non limited edition.  That’s fucking crazy.  What’s crazier is that no doubt some people will buy them.  I bought my pair for $400 way back in the day and they are still running strong.  After all, they are technics.  So are you gonna buy a new pair?…




Congratulations to our friends the Funk Freaks for making the cover of the latest issue of OC Weekly!  If you are into the boogie scene and are from the Orange/Riverside/Los Angeles county then you know they take their funk seriously and are doing big things.  They have brought out such legendary artists such as Ameega, Ago, Carol Shinnette, Howard JohnsonOzone, etc. and new modern funk artists such as the Funky Drive Band and Confection.  They are truly keeping the modern funk movement alive and well.  On Feb 12th they will be bringing out Prince Charles and City Beat Band!   Be sure to pick up the latest copy of OC Weekly to learn more about them.  You can also check out the full article here.


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Beats vs. lyrics.  Ahh the classic question.  There’s nothing worse than a dope beat with shitty lyrics and vice versa.  Which one do you prefer?  Those who prefer lyrics should check out this website.  It’s pretty interesting.  Matt Daniels compares the words of William Shakespeare to today’s current hip hop artists.  According to the website, “Daniels limits his project to 35,000 words taken from seven of Shakespeare’s early plays, then compares those words to the first 35,000 lyrics (that’s about three to five studio albums) uttered by 85 hip-hop artists. By those standards, Aesop Rock is more verbose than Shakespeare. Wu Tang Clan, Blackalicious, and a few others also beat out Shakespeare for number of unique words used.”  Check out the graph below:





So Aesop Rock is the king of vocabulary.  Gza is second and Kool Keith is third.  DMX was last.  The Wu Tang Clan overall as a group was pretty impressive.  Of course Cappadonna was last lyrically in the group.  He’s wack.  Check out the graphic below showing the impressive vernacular of the group.




Pretty impressive huh?  Are you a huge 2pac fan?  Well unfortunately he only ranks in the bottom 20% lyrically.  Canibus was number 4 although you would have never guessed it after that disastrous battle against Dizaster a few years ago.  If you like Canibus DO NOT WATCH IT.  It’s beyond embarrassing.  It’s probably one of the worse things I have ever seen hip hop wise personally.  So that being said if you have not seen it, click on this link for the highlights.  You were warned.  So if you appreciate lyrics and want to check out the interactive graph for yourself to see how your favorite hip hop artists stand against Shakespeare click on this link.



Word around the campfire was that Prince was an influence on Kendrick Lamar’s latest album “To Pimp a Butterfly.”  Lamar said, ““I didn’t trip over getting a song done. I really appreciate the actual game he was giving me … He took control of his music,” Kendrick said. “He was breaking down some things that I need to consider in my career. Just really taking control of your creativity.”  Nice to see the future building bridges with the past.


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I recently read that Chicago DJ Timbuck2 passed away on December 19th from cancer.  He was beloved by the community and

many have expressed kind words on social media.  He will be missed.  R.I.P.


-DJ 671



Congratulations to N.W.A. for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016!  The other inductees are Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple, and Steve Miller.  Hip hop is definitely getting more respect from the committee.  They join other seminal hip hop artists like the Beastie Boys, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Public Enemy, and Run D.M.C into the hall.  Now let’s see if Arabian Prince gets some recognition and is invited..


-DJ 671


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The wait is over.  Star Wars Episode VII is officially here.  I saw it yesterday and as a nerd I can assure you it’s awesome.

Really, really awesome.  If you’re like me you want to have anything Star Wars related on wax.  Now here’s your chance.

On January 8th 2016 Sony Classical will be reissuing all original Stars Wars soundtracks on vinyl.  Episodes 1-6.  11 LPS

all composed by John Williams.  The Huffington Post is having a contest to win the entire collection before the release date.

Here’s the link to enter.  May the force be with you.


-DJ 671


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So I came across this article recently that talked about the Jenny Jones Show.  For those too young to remember the Jenny Jones Show was one of those daytime talk shows from the 90’s early 2000’s similar to Ricki Lake and Montell Williams.  But if you never heard of Jenny Jones you probably never heard of the other 2 just mentioned.  Anyways her show was most famous for basically giving people make overs.  Geek to chic son!  What also made her show different was that it was produced by Quincy Jones.  So that being said they were plenty of dope live performances over the years, especially in hip hop.  Check out the video below when the Boot Camp Clik performed.

-DJ 671


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