Join us for an afternoon with your family & friends, diggin’ in the crates & listening to quality grooves.

Sunday afternoon,
March 29th, 2015.

Entrance is Free w/ Canned Good. Canned goods are donated to our local homeless communities. 

B E A T 
S W A P 
M E E T 
Chicago – No.9 

Beat Swap Meet is a Celebration of Vinyl Culture – Records, and Everything Inspired by them.

A handful of Invited Record Collectors & Dealers from all over Chicago,

Buy Sell & Trade:
Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, New Wave, Psych, Punk, Rap, Rock, Soul, and World 12′s LP’s & 45′s on VINYL.

DJ’s sets by:
Constance K, Erica Kane, FunkyMama, Pia Son, Rebel Betty, & more TBA.

All Hardware, No Laptops, No CD’s

(Push Beats/Scenic Rhythms)

all going down…

Entrance is Free w/ Canned Good
All Ages (must be accompanied by an adult)
Casual Drinking for the 21+
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The world’s only traveling record show returns to Downtown Santa Ana’s East End this March. 



Saturday March 7th, 2015

Featuring Invited Record Collectors, Labels, Shops, & Private Dealers from all over Southern California (OC, IE, LA, & SD).

Buy Sell Trade
Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Punk, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Soul, & World 12″, LP’s, & 45′s on VINYL.

DJ sets by:
Abel, AC The PD, Early Worm, E-Spinfiniti, ETTA, Feeding A Mood, Funk Freaks, Issue One, Jawa, Listen Recovery, Luman, Michelle Q, Millhouse, Rewind Thirstdayz Crew, Shawn Soulfunky Drew, Smoke1, Steve the Gent, Yellow Black Bird, 671 & many others TBA.


Performances by:

(Church of Hip Hop & Financial Prosperity Records)


Producer Invite: Aspect One, Chapter3 & others TBA

Hosted by: L.Scatter (Zulu Nation, Project Blowed)


Invited artists, designers, shops, labels & entrepreneurs showcasing their own brands: Bus Mobbers vs Stealth LA, Church of Hip Hop & Financial Prosperity, City Mind Funk, The Deuce, DwnTwn, Fat Beats, Fortified Gear, Funk Freaks, Graphic Villain, Grits N Soul, Hasta Muerte, Houzz Party Clothing, jbBop Records, LeeLee Jewels, LiHai, Listen Clothing, Santa Ana Spin, Stoney Brooks Clothing, Two Tree Designs, Ubiquity Records, Vinyl Junkies, Wax Addict, Werd Clothing, Wild Style Technicians, & many others TBA


“Rock City” B-boy Competition:

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All ages
Free w/ canned good
Casual drinking for the 21+

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The world’s only traveling record show hits the road again this January 2015. 

Beat Swap Meet returns to Dallas,

Join us for an afternoon with your family & friends … and a bunch of music you can touch.

Beat Swap Meet is a celebration of vinyl culture – records, and everything inspired by them.


A handful of Invited Record Collectors & Dealers from all over Dallas,

Buy Sell & Trade:
Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal, Psych, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Soul, and World 12′s LP’s & 45′s on VINYL.

DJ’s spin selections from their record collections.
(line up TBA)

+ Artists selling their own clothing, art, music & more

alllll going down…

Entrance: $3 w/ Canned Good
All Ages | Casual Drinking for the 21+



The world’s only traveling record show hits the road again this January 2015. FIRST STOP: Phoenix, Arizona 

Sponsored by:

Beat Swap Meet returns to Downtown Phoenix, 

Join us for an afternoon with your family & friends … and a bunch of music you can touch. 

Beat Swap Meet is a celebration of vinyl culture – records, and everything inspired by them. 


A handful of Invited Record Collectors & Dealers from all over Arizona & California,

Buy Sell & Trade:
Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Psych, Punk, Rap, Rock, Soul, and World 12′s LP’s & 45′s on VINYL.

DJ’s spin selections from their record collections:
Angelica, Bigg Donn, Cocoe, Darrell D, Dela, Djentrification, Element, Ian Frost, Rani G, Ry Toast, Senbad, 671, Tomohawk Bang, Tranzo, & Zernell

Beat set by,

+ Artists selling their own clothing, art, music & more

alllll going down…

Entrance: $3 w/ Canned Good
All Ages | Casual Drinking for the 21+

Official After Party:

Hey friends and family be sure to join us this Sunday Dec 14th for NO CORPORATE CHRISTMAS.

We will be at a new location called the Container Yard in Little Tokyo and we think you will like it.

Entrance is FREE with a canned good and $5 without.


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Buyepongo is a classic story of friends coming together out of their passion for creating, learning, and playing music. From back yard barbecues to late night garage jam sessions. These friends found themselves improvising hours on end utilizing all their musical influences. So in-tuned with one another the idea of forming a band was a natural progression.

Growing up as young Latinos in Southern California, Buyepongo were not only exposed to the music of their culture, they were also exposed to music of the time. From sample driven underground hip-hop to classic reggae to jazz and funk. Buyepongo have explored many worlds of rhythm and sound. “It’s a heavy sound but without the distortion. It’s got a gritty beat but without the vinyl sample, it’s got that classic feel but with a modern twist”, states a loyal fan.
With deep roots in South and Central America, Buyepongo draw heavily from the Latino musical culture. Taking their cues from traditional “roots” music of Colombia, Haiti, Belize, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Buyepongo create a very vibrant polyrhythmic sound by seamlessly fusing merengue, punta, and cumbia. The group’s pulse and power is built around the drum and guacharaca (pronounced: wah cha rah ca) giving them an upbeat tropical flare.
Some members have traveled to other countries to study with musical legends. Other members have been schooled in a traditional setting. Buyepongo as a whole contribute years of rigorous practice and dedication to their musicianship. They have taken all their influences and carefully honed in on their craft.

The group has shared the stage with both local and international touring acts including; Quantic (UK), Ondatropica(Colombia), Ozomatli(US), Booker T(US), Celso Piña(Mexico), Os Mutantes(Brazil), Sister Nancy(Jamaica), Dead Prez(US), Cut Chemist(US), Beatnuts(US), Sharon Jones and the Keystones(US), Antibalas(US) and Punta Cartel(Honduras). Buyepongo is an infectious sonic explosion of blaring horns and syncopated accordion licks. Tight booming bass lines transcend you from the inner city, to a sunny island surrounded by a blue ocean. Your soul then succumbs to the slaps of the conga as you become hypnotized by the melodious harmonies being sung.  

Their first vinyl release will officially be released in January 2015 on Soul Fiesta Records, but you can get a sneak at the Beat Swap Meet on Dec 14th..


[jwplayer mediaid="2813"]


Moniquea was born in Gary, Indiana and raised in Pasadena, California. She vividly recalls watching her mother rehearse as a lead singer alongside other relatives and friends in the Pasadena-branded group The Roses. As a youth, she was exposed to countless volumes of 70’s soul and the electrified sounds of 80’s R&B, which shaped her sound immeasurably. Today, she counts a wide range of artists as influences, from Deniece Williams and Etta James to Stevie Nicks. Her voice carries two distinct characteristics that play into each other perfectly – A “so-retro-it’s-actually-new” twang that harks back to Evelyn “Champagne” King; the second, a jazzy vibrato that easily evokes the tender, smoky voice of Erykah Badu or even Billie Holiday. Moniquea is vocally equipped to sing contemporary R&B/soul, go the Amy Winehouse route, or bring back the synthy, dance-friendly sound of 80’s boogie funk – her current musical direction.

No stranger to the spotlight, Moniquea solidified her local presence by singing at Pasadena’s world-famous Rose Bowl at only 15 years old. Quickly moving past hometown boundaries, she went on to open for Westside Connection during the height of their success, and has since performed at nearly every reputable venue in LA – The Whisky, The Roxy, Viper Room, Cinespace, and more. She has also twice performed at the annual Taste Of Soul festival, and the Kingfest at Leimert Park, both drawing crowds in the thousands.

After independently releasing her self-titled debut in 2011, Moniquea joined forces with the Crown City Entertainment label to bring her vision of the revamped 80’s sound to life.


Be sure to check Moniquea (feat. XL Middleton) live on Dec 14th and to pick up her new album “Yes No Maybe”


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Making your mark, that’s what most young ambitious people set out to do. Rising through the ranks to become one of LA’s most talented and recognized artists is no easy task, and PAWZ ONE has done just that. With witty flows, potent lyrics, and vicious rhyme schemes, Pawz has earned the respect of his peers, as well as hip hop veterans and built a reputation as someone who shines in today’s competitive Hip-Hop environment. Confident, truthful, and intelligent, pawz finds balance between that cockiness and consciousness, with an awareness of who he is, where he’s from, and the larger issues at hand. It is this ability to maintain a rigid individualism coupled with a broader understanding that makes pawz one stand out. It is his commitment, passion, and dedication to his craft that drives his success.

Having worked with seasoned producers and artists such as AGALLAH, DJ RHETTMATIC, RAS KASS, RAPPER BIG POOH, TERMANOLOGY, PLANET ASIA and more he’s developed a deeper understanding of crafting songs and a more inept ear for production.

Using a magnetic stage presence cultivated through 100′s of live performances he’s been able to tour on his own and build a growing fan base across the country. performing at such events and festivals as SXSW, VANS WARPED TOUR, SOULSTYCE, SPEAK YOUR MIND MUSIC FEST and more.

Featured in various college news papers, magazines and on blog sites throughout the world he is quickly becoming an artist to watch for hip hop fans new and old.

Remaining humble and hungry are always first in his priorities, participating in charity events and fund raisers he remains close to the community. hoping to leave behind footprints for those perusing their own dreams. he continues to make his mark without any signs of slowing.

Be sure to check him out live at the Beat Swap Meet on Dec 14th and to pick up his new album “Pick Your Poison.”


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Soul Scratch is a hard hitting groove machine, built in LA’s San Fernando Valley, on a mission to save the world from mediocrity. In short, this is not your mother’s soul band.

Johnny Chou, Joel Givertz, Adam Greenberg, Matt Reale, Dale Spollett and a host of musicians combine their love of The JB’s, Booker T & the MG’s, Curtis Mayfield, and all 1960-70′s soul. Utilizing rock solid rythmn, soaring horn lines, and silky vocals to creating a uniquely Southern California sound that has become their hallmark.

Currently the group is releasing their first full length effort “Down the Road”, which will be available through all major online outlets as well as on August 19th 2014.

Soul Scratch is rapidly branching out of their LA base on a quest to bring good times, quality get down, and their own special brand of soul to every corner of the country.

Be sure to catch them live at the Beat Swap Meet Dec 14th and to pick up their new album “Down the Road”


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After 10 years of dominating the local underground scene with his SI crew, a catalog of music from several independent full length studio LPs and EPs, over 400+ live shows and indie tours, DrewID has finally put time aside to nurture and develop his solo talents and presents his debut “The 4th Letter EP”

The most important thing to me is letting the world know who I am, spreading a message with real music, and putting the Orange County Hip-Hop scene on the map” he was quoted in an interview with Eyes Of Underground Magazine. To all those who are familiar with the emcee known as DrewID or his crew Speach Impediments, the music quality, message, direction and path that he’s taking is one that he is forging all himself. No coattails, co-signs, or gimmicks. DrewID recently signed an exclusive deal to OC’s premiere Indie label AcropolisRPM Records for the promotion and distribution of his solo debut album “The 4th Letter EP”. Stay up on and support real HipHop. 


Be sure to check him out at the Beat Swap Meet on Dec 14th and to pick up his new EP “The 4th Letter.”


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JQ & The Revue Was formed by Band Leader and writer Joseph Quinones in mid 2013 in the heart of East Los Angeles, in an effort to deliver an original yet familiar blend of early 60′s “soul shakedown music.”  J.Q’s energy and songwriting fuels the scolding hot fire that is the “Revue” a collective of Los Angeles based musicians who reminisce in the Classic EAST LA SOUL SOUND. leading the horn section is Aaron Reyna’s multi-reed skills and direction, joined by Ian Jacks on tenor saxophone,and Guitarist/ Trombonist Jose Morales.  They deliver sharp melodic lines sure to get you shakin. The vocal section of the revue consists of the weeping soulful and fierce singing of Grecia (Fay) Pizano and Adriana Flores. These sirens are sure to make you get on up!  The bread and butter of the revue is tirelessly fueled by the thunderous stomping beat of Aldolfo Mercado Jr. and Chris (Bolillo) Manjarez.  All together JQ & The Revue are a must see event…..don’t forget your dancing shoes.


Be sure to catch them live at the Beat Swap Meet Dec 14th and don’t forget to pick up their new E.P. “Shake and Move”


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The modern funk movement is alive and well.  There is a true renaissance right now happening in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Australia, and beyond.  As a lover of 80′s funk and a vinyl DJ this is truly exciting.  Moniquea’s follow up album Yes No Maybe is no exception and is setting the bar quite high.  I was lucky enough to be blessed with a test press by fellow funkster, producer, and proud to say homie XL Middleton.  I actually was lucky enough prior to this to hear the acetate hot off the press a while back at Footsie’s at one of their events.  It sounded amazing.  The final product is ridiculous.

The album, which is on the Los Angeles based MoFunk Records, is straight heat.  I do not say this lightly, and those who know me know I am mad picky when it comes to music.  So again, this album is straight heat.  Puro fuego.  It starts out with the track If I Let You Take My Heart, which is a smooth 96 bpm g funk laced boogie track that perfectly sets the tone of the album and lets you know you’re in for a funky musical odyssey.  The album, which was produced by XL Middleton and Eddy Funkster, is heavy on synthesizers, keys, drum machines, etc. and sounds like something from 1983 yet has a modern feel to it.  My personal favorite track is probably Cassanova.  It’s a funky 114 bpm track that will get any wallflower off the wall and on the dance floor.  Another great track is I Need It All (feat I, CED).  It’s a smooth 95 bpm two step track inspired by the WQBC song Love Me Anyway.  If you know that track you’re a true head.  Prior to the album the track I Don’t Wanna Get Used To It  was released on 45 with the b-side Not Enough.  These tracks will also tear up the dance floor and have extended mixes on the album.

[jwplayer mediaid="2743"]


Moniquea’s soulful lyrics about love, heartbreak, and life are the perfect combination to the production of XL Middleton and Eddy Funkster.  I am proud to call these 3 friends.  Right now labels like MoFunk Records, Omega Supreme, Voltaire, etc are pushing the envelope when it comes to the modern funk movement.  If you are a funk lover, or music lover in general this album needs to be in your collection.  Kids in 20 years will be looking for it like we diggers now look for booogie records from the 80′s.  If you are in the Los Angeles area be sure to check out the record release party at Funkmosphere this Thursday Oct. 16th.  She will also be performing on Nov. 1st at the Beat Swap Meet in Santa Ana.  For more information on MoFunk Records and to purchase the album Yes No Maybe be sure to check out their website.


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