Stoner alert.  Have you tried syncing the Wizard of  Oz with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon?  Of course you have.  Well now apparently you can add another movie to the list:  Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  According to an article on consequence of sound, “Apparently, three replays of Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety becomes the perfect soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  According to Reddit, pressing play as the film’s opening scroll ends and the camera pans to the spaceship starts a synchronization that almost lines up perfectly with each act in the movie.”   Click here for the entire article as well as more spoiler alerts.  Here’s a clip of the first 8 minutes synced below.  Blaze it up and enjoy.














Every time I travel with records I get stopped by the TSA.  Every time.  Some of the younger TSA agents have never seen records before so they have no idea what they are looking at in the x-ray scan.  Thank goodness for 45s because they make it mad easier to travel.  No DJ wants to check in their record bag if they don’t have to.  Too many variables.  I’ve heard heart breaking stories about records lost, damaged or stolen.  I have the same bag I use when I travel for records that is the perfect size and can fit under the seat.  Apparently RJD2 has the same routine when it comes to traveling records but went through some drama recently.  According to an article on Vice he was nearly kicked off his flight over an argument over his carry on bag with his records.  He was told his his bag was too big and he had to check it in.  He then went to twitter:














But in the end everything worked out.









The end.


-DJ 671

Plenty of time to dig before the game. #PCC #pccfleamarket #recordswap #recordswapmeet #recordshow

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The Pasadena City College Flea Market hosts one of So Cal’s longest running and well stocked record swaps. Every first Sunday, in addition to roaming the flea market for clothes, toys, furniture, and more, you can explore the crates of over 50 vendors, selling vinyl and other used music mediums. PCC is an awesome place to get your collection started or possibly find that one gem you’ve been searching for, with numerous genres of music being sold, from punk to hip hop.

pccfleaTucked away on the east side of the city of Pasadena, the PCC Record Swap was originally a record club held at the Capitol Records building in the 1970’s. Once the city found out about it and wanted to require licenses for all the vendors, the promoters moved the show to Pasadena City College, where it’s built a following over the years.

Robert of Zoinks Records in Pomona sells at PCC every Month. “I like the fact that people that didn’t go to shop for records often end up shopping at our space.” Armand Lewis, a jazz record dealer for over 25 years at PCC, had the same sentiment. “…young, old, you name it, they’ve shown up there. I’ve made lot of friends as well as learned a lot about music, the music business and business itself. You can’t ask for a better way to spend your day.”

The PCC Flea Market Record Swap returns Sunday, April 3rd, and every First Sunday of the Month.  Check out this great video blog on the PCC record swap:

-Frank Foreal

Rock & Roll Flea Market - Room


For a little over a year now, you can stop by The Regent Theater in Downtown LA (a recently renovated space on main street, bordering the bank & toy districts) on 1st Sundays of the month, and find some amazing collectible items to further up your décor level at home, music on your turntable, or threads on your back.

It’s the Rock ‘N’ Roll Flea Market, and it boasts anything from vinyl records in various genres to musical instruments (still thinking of taking up guitar?). You can also find vintage clothing and jewelry to round out your shopping for the weekend. Not in the shopping mood? RNR Flea has 2 full bars, DJ’s spinning all day, and even a really fun “boozy brunch bingo,” where you can eat and drink while battling it out for some concert ticket prizes (I won tix to see Nightmares on Wax back in October, so clearly anyone can win)!

Mike Andrews, one of the organizers of the RNR Flea Market (and co-owner of the gift & design shop, Inheritance) said “We have had vendors selling weed smoking dinosaur coloring books and articulated brass bird skulls,” when asked what were a few bizarre items he’s seen for sale, so if you’re looking for unique items to add to your collection, this is a great spot for that. Some vendors include Bunny and Wolf out of Long Beach, who sell vintage clothing, LA LA Land Prints, who specialize in concert posters, Cowpunk Leather, and more.

The next Rock ‘N’ Roll Flea Market takes place on Sunday, April 3rd at The Regent Theater in Downtown LA. More info is available at their website:

-Frank Foreal

Rock N Roll Flea Market - flyer


A lot of musicians have died this year, but when news broke out that Phife from A Tribe Called Quest passed away it really hit hip hop fans hard, and music lovers from around the world.  Although he was only 45 he lived an incredible life and truly changed the world.  Tribe is the GREATEST hip hop group of all time.  PERIOD.  End of discussion.  Although details have not been released it is well known of his battle with diabetes.  Any hip hop head has had heated debates about whether Q-Tip or Phife was their favorite in the group.  Mine personally was the latter.  His voice, lyrics and delivery were unique and just plain dope.  Everybody has their favorite line from the five footer, Malik the 5′ freak.  His verses on “Bugging Out” and “Scenario” are one of the illest verses of all time.  He will truly be missed.  Rest in power Malik Taylor.  Our deepest condolences to his friends and family.


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Non satire alert. Yes, you read that correctly.  According to an article on nbc, “Police in the town of Charlton have warned locals to watch out for “suspicious” men challenging residents to rap battles.”  Oh the humanity!  Are they Isis?  The article further states that a, “Group of men in a black SUV confronted three young teens on Saturday afternoon. One of the men got out of the car and started rapping while the other occupants of the vehicle started asking the boys if they wanted to “spit some bars,” according to the Charlton Police Facebook page.”  The boys turned them down and the men drove away.  The teens then told their parents about the frightening hip hop experience and then the parents informed the police.  The police literally described the encounter as suspicious and frightening, but ruled out any foul play or abduction plans.  Glad to see the police focusing on important issues like spitting hot fire.  Maybe next time the fire department will be called..

When it comes to MCs Nas is definitely one of the illest of all time.  Period.   The fact that he was 20 when his debut album “Illmatic” came out and the story it told was amazing.  Production by Large Professor, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Premier, etc. also did not hurt.  Ever wonder who Nas’ favorite rappers were growing up and helped to influence him?  Well now thanks to an interview he did recently with DJ Khaled for We the Best Radio we now know.  Of course it’s all dope and Nas does not disappoint.  His love of hip extends from the west coast, east coast, and south.  Here’s the list below.






















So there you have it.  Nas truly is a hop hop fan first and foremost.  Click here to check out the entire interview on youtube.

Over the course of his career, we’ve seen Kero Uno go through many musical progressions, from the Jazzy Hip Hop sounds in his early releases to experimenting with more electronic and pop sounds on his new album. “Reflection Eternal” is the 5th full-length from the producer/DJ, now living in Los Angeles. Kero has been producing records on the Plug Label for over a decade as rapper Kero One, but this album shows him stepping back from mic, and stepping up as a producer, under the new name Kero Uno. When asked why he made this decision, Kero said “Since I’ve already put out four albums worth of rap material, I wanted to let my beats do the speaking this time.”

Kero Uno - RE vinylThe album opens with one of Kero Uno’s most experimental sounds, an electronic pop song called “Princess Diamond,” featuring Kelsey Bulkin of Made in Heights. The jazzy hip hop sounds we’ve come to expect from Kero are still here, including “Underwater” with LA emcee Blu, and “Function” with Brandun Deshay. It’s Kero Uno’s foray into new genres, such as the bossa nova sounds of “In Liberdade” and the synth R&B in “Dreamscape,” that really display his potential as a producer.  Other Collaborations on this project include jazz singer Lindsay Olsen, R&B singer Michael Blume, and Soulection producer Starro, to name a few.

When asked about the importance of pressing his new album on vinyl, Kero said “I’ve pretty much pressed all my albums on vinyl.  I am particularly proud of this project though, and… I felt like it would be a record that people would want in their collections.

Since its release, “Reflection Eternal” has peaked at #5 on iTunes Japan, top 50 on iTunes US, and is now available as a vinyl release via his Bandcamp page.




Not me specifically, but the University of San Francisco radio station KUSF wants to rock ‘n’ swap with you, record enthusiasts.

KUSF’s Rock ‘N’ Swap is a huge bazaar for lovers of all things music, where buyers and sellers meet to sell and showcase memorabilia and music in a myriad of media and in virtually every genre imaginable  – including the unique, record rarities, curiosities and sound esoterica.

At the KUSF Rock ‘N’ Swap you will find stacks of wax aplenty, Compact Discs, movies (DVD’s mostly, but you never know there might be VHS as well, if you’re into that), posters, books and so much more. For over a quarter century, the Rock ‘N’ Swap is known as one of the largest consistently attended swaps in Northern California.

So, The next Rock ‘N’ Swap is on Sunday April 10th, 2016 from 7am to 4pm on the USF campus inside McLaren Hall in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA. Admission is free to students, faculty and staff. $10 early bird admission for the go getters. $3 general admission after 10am.



Where in the hell did the hip hop go?  Where in the hell did the hip hop go?  If you know those lyrics you’re a true hip hop head.  Even if you don’t chances are you are a hip hop fan, although the quality of the “hip hop” you listen to may be suspect.  Well according to a 20 billion track analysis by Spotify to show local trends over 1000 cities, hip hop is the most listened to genre in the world.  That’s right son!  Apparently Philadelphia loves Meek Mill.  Music is the universal language and people all over the world love hip hop.  Click here for the entire article.  There’s also an amazing interactive musical map of cities over the world where you can click and find out who’s listening to what in different cities all over the globe.


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Sunday February 28, 2016 inside the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, a sold out crowd awaits a celebration for Seba Jun, better known to the music universe as Nujabes. Led by Shing02 and Spin Master A-1 making a L.A. stop on their tour, this night was about their homie who departed the physical realm far too soon in February of 2010. The vibe in the place was palpable, a noteworthy opening by the band called joomanji helped set the tone nicely. photo courtesy of @lscatter
Then Spin Master A-1 took to the stage getting the crowd ready for the moment they’ve been waiting on.  video courtesy of @lscatter

Then a quick roar from the audience announced the arrival of Shing02 who went on to deliver a dynamic set backed by A-1 on the cut and a dope saxophonist from Hawaii whose name I didn’t catch. After a strong set, the crowd did not disperse as Shing02 posted up backstage on the stairs. He came out to do an encore performance of “Battlecry” a song you might be familiar with:
[jwplayer mediaid=”3170″] Then to close the night Fatlip and Slim Kid Tre from Bizarre Ride (formerly the Pharcyde) did a couple of their classic joints to a still hype crowd. There was even a cameo appearance on stage from a certain Beat Swap Meet host. This unique night was a great event that showed that dope hip hop is still appreciated, even right on the Sunset strip.



Came across an article our good friend Gwizski of Omega Supreme Records posted recently on facebook.  If you are a fan of dance music then you absolutely know the dance floor anthem “I Can’t Wait” by Nu Shooz.  It is one of the greatest songs ever made.  Well now it’s 30 years old.  Yes you read that right.  30 years old.  There is a nice interview with Portland husband and wife team Valerie Day and John Smith about the evolution of the song and how a Dutch DJ who remixed it changed their lives.  Maceo Parker gets mentioned.  Now you’re intrigued and have to read it.  Click here for the link.


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